Ballorientiertes Ausdauertraining im Fußball

Das traditionelle Ausdauertraining wird dem ballorientierten Ausdauertraining mit den jeweiligen Eigenschaften gegenübergestellt. Zusätzlich werden Ideen für die unterschiedlichen Methoden präsentiert.

Football tennis in physical education classes

Football tennis, also known as futnet, is a combination of football, tennis and volleyball. This trend sport is known only since 1950 in Germany but enjoys growing popularity especially in mass sport. Often futnet is also used as a training method in football, because it improves technical skills and of its regenerative character. Nevertheless, at school football tennis is also suited as an alternative to conventional football. Especially students who are physically weaker than their classmates take pleasure in this technically demanding variation.

Fußballtennis im Sportunterricht

Eintöniges Fußball im Unterricht satt? Dann schau in den Beitrag „Fußballtennis im Sportunterricht“. Dieser Beitrag präsentiert eine Mischung aus Fußball und Tennis und liefert neben dem Regelwerk die Grundtechniken des Spiels, wie auch die Organisation im Sportunterricht.

Playful introduction to football

Because lessons are very limited in time, the warming-up, for example, can be used to train basic and football specific techniques. The exercises at the beginning of a lesson can be specifically used to practise at least one technique intensively. Therefore, the warming-up is consciously connected with technique training to make it easier for students to learn the aim techniques. The ideas offered here serve as a playful introduction for the most important basic techniques in children’s football.

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